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Walker News Desk is Seeking:

5 Field Editors

100-200 Citizen Journalists


SUMMARY:  A citizen journalism platform is launching in Chicago and in several other American cities in anticipation of covering scheduled events such as the G8 and NATO conferences coming up on May 15-22, 2012.   LINK TO G8 and NATO STORY.

WND  has expanded its user-generated content (UGC) efforts with the launch of a new project calling for eye witness reports from news readers.  Become a Solo Journalist (“SOJO”) site collects and publish pictures and videos from people “who have witnessed a remarkable event”.   Contributions are selected and verified by the WND desk before publication and run alongside reports from correspondents.

This launch follows the introduction of a WND SOJO desk eight months ago to monitor social networks and blogs for news leads and relevant content. The new section is charged with designing innovative ways of delivering news online to attract new readers. The agency’s flagship video site www.walkernewsdesk.blogspot.com features and disgtributed livestreaming and Video-On-Demand pieces of user-generated content in 2012.

Experts agree, “… handling user-generated content has become part of routine media business, and  the ability to work with citizen journalists, encourage, train and offer them a platform for broadcasting, gives WND a fantastic advantage.”

Material can be sent via SMS, email or an upload service on the WND site. To encourage contributions, seminars and training programs will also be held and prizes award for the best submissions.


Walker News Desk is seeking several qualified Mobile Producers for Chicago, Los Angeles, Madrid, Berlin and London.  WND is also seeking up to 200 citizen Journalists in the same markets.

The Mobile Producers will help to oversee the build out of a network of regional citizen journalists.  Walker News Desk is launching in 2012 its expanded citizen journalism platform that’s dedicated to the important issues that impact the lives of citizens globally.  WND is a place for serious discussion and consideration for how we can improve the future, free of an agenda not voted for by the consent of the 99%.  WND currently provides a livestreaming and Video-on-Demand platform for you to share your stories, as well as a place where you can consume and discuss the stories with others.  It provides transparent access to content, showing both raw and curated material.

WND applies analytical tools to breaking news and brings context and validation to these stories, as well as revealing new angles and layers to information.

CITIZEN JOURNALISTS:  WND is seeking an independent contract relationship with Video (Citizen) Solo Journalists (SOJOs).   SOJOs will gather, shoot, edit, write, produce, and present news in a clear and concise way.  SOJOs will write active news copy and engage the viewer in compelling live shots.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Developing and planning live or taped video segments. This can include setting up interviews, determining where a segment is to be shot and selecting the shots to be used.
  • As a cameramen, you operate your own camera. You take the footage you’ve acquired and create news segments, suitable for broadcasting. Of course, correct internal reporting is part of the job.
  • Compiling data from various sources, investigating, analyzing, planning and writing rough draft stories.
  • You will not be required to edit the stories or the video footage.

Submit Resumes Below.



• Must have ability to produce multi-platform stories
• Must be technology agnostic
• Must demonstrate editorial judgment
• Must have story instinct

The Mobile producer must demonstrate the ability to combine traditional values of journalism (integrity, fairness, balance, pursuit of truth and focus on the facts) with the social media code of conduct – transparency, collaboration, crowd sourcing and audience interaction, among others.

The Mobile producer must be in tune with the rapid changes in the media and adapt, every day, testing new newsgathering, production and story telling techniques. He or she must be able to (1) develop original content (2) aggregate that content and (3) provide deeper context to select stories in the format of research-based blog posts, long form videos, interviews, etc.

The Mobile producer must be aware that distribution of the story is just as important as the newsgathering process. Working with the social media producer and strategists, the Mobile producer will assist in listening to the target audience, seeding the stories in communities and be nimble enough to identify and react to the best distribution techniques. The Mobile producer must take seriously the responsibility of being an intelligent filter and creator of news to global citizens.  The Mobile producer is fearless. He or she must always have gear in pockets and be ready to catch or chase a story.


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