Walker News Desk – Where Fiction and Reality Are Blurred …

Welcome to the Walker News Desk.   Check out the “Become a SOJO” link.

This is the main portal for our new augmented reality StoryWorld developed for Walker, a FICTIONAL Solo Journalist (SOJO) WHO JUMPS OUT OF HIS FICTIONAL WORLD AND IS NOW PARTICIPATING IN OURS.  Walker investigates and publishes world changing stories that make a difference to mankind.  These stories are published here and across the web.   The topics of these stories affect all mankind and appear above and on the left on the navigation bar.

We invite you to join Walker and add to the narrative of these stories.  OPEN WALKER SOJO ASSIGNMENTS will given here in the navigation bar to the left.  Anyone … and we mean anyone … who cares about these stories … who wants to contribute to the dialogue and to the on-going narrative may do so.  Click the Button Above “BECOME A SOJO“.  If you want to participate and you have a digital camera or cell phone which can take digital stills or video … or if you have a video camera … or if you can research and hunt down the truth on these stories and provide us with text posting and updates … BECOME A SOJO with Walker and participate in one of the greatest interactive, social experiments in history.


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