QR Code Instructions

Walker uses QR Codes to deliver SECRET messages, assignments to SOJOs, and to deliver clues which are part of the WALKER Augmented and Alternative Reality Game.  We could leave it up to you to figure it all out.  Right?

It would be fun to watch  … but let’s cut through the cr_ _ and get down to business.  There’s real work to be done ABOUT ISSUES WORLDWIDE THAT MATTER.  Here’s some help …

Where can I get a QR Code reader?

QR code reader for G1 Google phone / Android phones

You can get the zxing reader from the Android Market, or directly here.

QR code reader for iPhones

Through the iTunes App Store or directly from here

QR code reader for Java phones running J2ME

Navigate to this address in your phone’s browser:
http://zxing.org/w/ or download directly from here


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