Walker News Desk is actively seeking submissions on an ongoing basis  WND is currently looking for stories on:

  • Climate Hacking, Chem Trails,
  • Water Wars (Water Commoditization),
  • Nan0-Tech Impacts on Food Safety,
  • Corporate Profiteering,
  • the End to Corporate Personhood, and
  • the global impact of the Occupy movement.

In the text area please explain briefly what do you think is important?

Please write your article/story filling the following form and double check your submission.  You’re advised that not all submissions will be posted.

Please include a category with your news post.  If a news items does not fit in a category, please select the default:  Other.

Your submission will be checked for proper grammar and maybe edited by our staff.  We request digital stills and video clips to be submitted by an email to at the same approximate time this form is submitted.

Submission Terms and Conditions:


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