What is Making People Sick?

Here is a video which references an interactive map of illness events world-wide that are being attributed to a “mystery odor.”  Ask yourself.  Who is doing this?  Ask yourself.  Who benefits?  Cui Bono?  What industry or industries have the funds and the ability to carry out the Chem Trails operational campaign and the official public denials  that have been perpetrated since 1998-99?

Here is an example of the type of news story collected by Sheilaaliens.

The marathon took place on December 4, 2011, though I haven’t come across this story until just now when it was posted today at Fox 5 Vegas. Crappy reporting right there. Way to investigate jacksquat. ‘It’s not the water so… with that, we’re gonna call it a day.’   I’ve been keeping track of similar incidents, check it out:

What Really Happened in these Three Seemingly Unrelated Illness Outbreaks?  Where are the promised follow-up stories?  None can be found in Las Vegas, Florida, Pennsylvania or New York.  Why not?

The interactive map can be found here as well.  LINK

The author of the map has also assembled a Scoop.it newspaper clipping site where the reader/researcher can read recently published stories and view related videos.  LINK

Both DARPA stories and links reported in the Video can be viewed here:

DARPA to fund Butyrylcholinesterase Expression in Plants Research

H1N1 Acceleration (Blue Angel)


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