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UPDATE 12/20/2011 – Why Fiction and Reality Blurred?  Why is Pseudonymous Free Speech Employed in Walker?

UPDATE:  January 31, 2012.  If you arrived here from our Craigslist adverts or our Twitter feeds, we welcome you.  We believe this to be one of the greatest social experiments in human history.  If you know of other people who may have an interest, please tell them about Walker News Desk.

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IN BETA TESTING:  The process is simple and free to become a Walker SOJO.  In May 2011 – August 2012 we are focusing on Climate Hacking.  You might know it by more endearing names like:  geoengineering, climate or weather modification or even Terra-forming.  Walker News Desk is always on the lookout for video clips and still photos on the subject of Climate Hacking which we define as the corporate sponsored manipulation of weather (locally, regionally or globally) for profit.  We want your video clips and digital stills.  As long as there is a connection between or a story behind your clips and/or images we are interested.   The minimal length of raw video we are seeking is 5 minutes.  The minimum number of images we are looking for in one set is 20.  If submitting video or digital still images we require with the submission:

  1. A 15 sentence paragraph which describes the Climate Hacking news story behind the images or the video clips.  We would also like you to tell us how you feel about the story and how Climate Hacking has impacted your community (i.e., drought, water shortages, floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, weather derivatives).
  2. The specific location(s) where the video clips or still images were taken.
  3. They type of video or still camera, smart phone or cell phone used to capture the digital footage or digital stills.
  4. Your name or pen name.
  5. Your email and the website or blog URL where you would like credit to be given.  You may choose to opt out of this recognition should you wish.


To get an understanding of  the Climate Hacking storyline we want to extend, look at our Climate Hacking story “Connecting Some Dots … Weather Modification for Profit” at this LINK,  and then take a look at the Walker News Desk YouTube site videos on Climate Hacking at this link.  There are over 30 videos in this playlist.
Please also take a look at our graphic novel series “Climate Hacking” which blends fiction and reality in a creative way to engage our audience and report current news stories of global imapact.


Walker News Desk Terms of Use

NON-EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS:  In return for the (non-exclusive) use of your images and/or video clips we will feature your work in the Walker portfolio Post (in development) which we call Climate Hacking – In The Storm.  Check back here at the site for examples as we begin to post them.  We will also give you a link back to your website or blog and the chance to show off your work to thousands of people from around the world.  We will also upload your video clip to our Walker News Desk YouTube site and your digital stills to our Walker News Desk Flickr site where others may see it.  Finally you will be able to list   yourself as a “Walker News Desk field SOJO” to third party employers seeking video journalist stringers and citizen journalists. An example of such sites include  The copyright of your work stays with you and we won’t sell your images.

Walker News Desk will respond after reviewing your submission.


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