Water Wars

NOTICE:  (May 13, 2011) As Walker moves from BETA testing to LIVE interactivity will will inform you here.  You will soon begin to see the bumper stickers (see example below, i.e. a spin-off from the 1950’s “Kilroy Was Here” phenomena) but with new QR Codes technologies utilized, so that Walker solo journalists (SOJOs) and Walker augmented/alternate reality game players can receive coded communications from Walker which include private communication, locations for clues, as well as  news gathering assignments for the Climate Hacking, NanoTiO2 and Water Waters productions (as Walker webisodes, mini-docs, and interstitials).  Please check back frequently as more news will be announced.  When Walker is LIVE and not in BETA,  the QR Codes on this blog and everywhere will change … taking the Walker SOJOs to other web sites, secret web sites, flash mobs and live event locations with new instructions which further the Walker ARG game.  Those sites may include Craigslist and other forums adding to the tension of the game and its context in contributing to the on-going dialogues about Climate Hacking, Water Wars and Nano technologies.  Stay tuned …
Our Grassroots Campaign Begins …

For Many More Videos Click Walker Water Wars Media Resources


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