Notice of Affiliations/Subscriptions of Walker News Desk

UPDATED January 16, 2012:  The following links are provided to give the reader of this site a very clear list and understanding of people and organizations which Walker News Desk (“WND”) is affiliated with via email subscription, blog following and/or direct contact.  Mindful of being labeled falsely or derogatorily by individuals, who may disagree, for a variety of pretextual reasons, with the content on this WND blog site, the Walker News Desk LIVE site, the WND Twitter and/or WND Facebook sites, it is hereby made abundantly clear by this NOTICE OF AFFILIATIONS that WND does not subscribe via email to any other organizations other than those listed below. [NOTE:  THIS LIST MAY BE UPDATED FROM TIME TO TIME].

Subscription, without endorsement, to the individuals and/or links below constitutes an exercise of the unalienable rights of free assembly, freedom of speech, and freedom of association reserved under the Ninth Amendment, to the extent not restricted by Amendments One through Eight, respectively.  [NOTE:  SUBSCRIPTION AND AFFILIATION, REGARDLESS OF THE MANNER, DOES NOT CONSTITUTE ENDORSEMENT OF ANY PARTICULAR STATEMENT, POSITION, PHILOSOPHY OR ACTION OF THE INDIVIDUALS OR ORGANIZATIONS BELOW].


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