Walker Graphic Novels

BACKSTORY OF WALKER:  Logline for Graphic Novel and Webisode Segments: 

For most video journalists, being hunted by covert mercenaries who work for private corporations would be a reason to change jobs – but not for NIKOLA KEELY aka NICOLAI KEELY aka WALKER (master of disguises and a covert  MacGyver type operative with a digital video camera).  He thrives on the stress.  Trained by a rogue SAS officer long thought dead, KEELY can insert and embed in any “hot zone” as a video sniper (solo journalist – SOJO) in order to gather footage and audio evidence and other  incriminating intel completely unknown to the mainstream masses.  Called back to the US, KEELY is on a suspense filled, game changing mission to expose “climate hacking” terrorists waging a massive geoengineering scheme by terra-forming “some” portions of the earth.  The rest is left to be destroyed by weather changes orchestrated by black ops activities waged in foreign jurisdictions. The problem is these terrorists wear 3 piece suits and sit in corporate boardrooms within G8 countries. They devised a win-win scheme using creating weather derivatives and reinsurance contracts.  It’s a sandbox where only a few rogue corporations can play.  No one else is invited or has the opening ante for admission.  There’s no accountability – it’s all sanctioned for climate profiteering under the “cover story” of combating global warming.  KEELY’S mission is not about stopping them.  It’s about leverage.

Graphic Novel ConceptAll the Presidents’ Men and Pelican Brief meets Man with a Camera and Stealing a Nation.

Interactive Digital Structure of Graphic Novels:  Walker, Climate Hacking Exposed is the first graphic novel in a 5 book series to be written and illustrated with the Black Hawk Down color palette feel and 300 graphic novel formatting of Frank Miller.  Each digi-graphic novel will have QR Codes embedded at every 10th page or so.

A brief description in a box will encourage  the reader/audience to click on the link taking them on-line to this and other interactive website where they can view a 5-8 minute video webisodes which enhances the graphic novel storyline.  There are 5 such “cyber-bridged” webisodes per book.  These “cyber-bridge” links were popularized recently by CSI writer Robert Zuicker in the release of his digi-novel Level 26 and will provide a highly engaging user interface for our audience, particularly with the release of the Apple’s iPad and tablet PCs.

Each webisode video provides the viewer with a rich media experience by engaging them in important, suspense-filled back stories and rapid intercut side stories that enhance their understanding of scenes or issues in the graphic novels.  The audience is also given basic journalistic and video camera instructions to create their own multimedia story that enhances the Walker storyline with stills, video and stories they submit on-line.  Using video game language, the graphic novel and videos are presented first person shooter POV.  Script dialogue in the graphic novel and in the cyber-bridge videos also incorporates a first person POV of the main Walker character using a MacGyver like voice over in the videos to narrate some of the storyline.


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