Appeal for Help from Walker News Desk

We work at this @$10.00/hour.  That’s research, website development and distribution of the content.  If you go to our various sites at:  Walker LIVE, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter you can see this takes a lot of daily work to stay on-line and keep all followers up-dated.  Currently we do not have any sponsors … so we are appealing to you at a GRASSROOTS level.  If you can help us with just 1 hour/month or even a year … THAT IS A LOT.  THANK YOU.  CLICK HERE

Walker News Desk appreciates your assistance with our ongoing research, story development and distribution.  Our New Story involves the 9th and 10th Amendments and “Corporations are not People.”  What makes our approach different is the extensive research into the 9th and 10th Amendments and how these can be used at local, municipal and state levels to challenge Citizen’s United vs. FEC.  Please click the box below to go to our CAUSEVOX site to help us continue this research 1 HOUR AT A TIME.  Thank you.

Recently produced stories include:

Corporate Control of Elections and the Judiciary

Connecting the Dots … Weather Modification for Profit.


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