Walker Reports – Using Video Cameras/Cell Phones in Public Places to Record Events

ASSAULT ON THE FOURTH ESTATE.  NPR recently reported a new trend whereby certain officials have been trying to prevent civilians from using cellphone cameras in public places as a means of deterring unlawful conduct by authorities.  READ REPORT SUMMARY HERE.

Read 2011 White Paper:  By the People:  The Rise of Citizen Journalism.  In this report, veteran journalist Eugene Meyer asserts:  ” Citizen journalism is seen by some as an antidote to the widening gap in societies where traditional news media—print and broadcast—are in decline. Yet in societies that could benefit most from these developing forms of news reporting, repressive regimes are working to suppress freedom of the press, whether in the traditional mainstream media or in the brave new world of citizen journalism.  This report examines both the challenges and opportunities facing citizen journalism around the world.”

“Freedom of Information is a muscle” (Professor Charles Davis, University of Missouri, School of Journalism) (E.W. Scripps Journalism School).

ThinkProgress recently reported extensively from town halls in Arizona, Florida, Wisconsin and elsewhere.  Certain congressmen are concerned about what could might if citizen journalists repost their town halls on the Internet. At least two members of Congress have taken extraordinary measures to shut down the spread of information gathered and distributed by citizen journalists.

ThinkProgress readers passed along the following photos, taken outside town halls held by Rep. Lou Barletta (R-PA) and Rep. Joe Heck (R-NV).  According to witnesses, Barletta specifically barred citizen journalists and other non-credentialed media from recording the event, while apparently Heck mandated “no recording devices” AT ALL.

January 29, 2011 REPORT.  What would Have Happened in Egypt if these Courageous Citizen Journalists Were Outlawed from Recording these Events? – Walker

Internet restored, cell service returned to the people

Initially the Mubarak government disconnected all Internet access in the country in early morning.  The shut down was enabled because of single Internet provider situation in Egypt,  unlike most countries.

May 3, 2011, the United Nations will mark World Press Freedom Day.  This year’s event comes at a time when social media, mobile phones and the Internet are playing an increasing role in giving a voice to the oppressed.  As recent events in the Middle East and North Africa have shown, so-called “citizen journalists” are playing a major role.

YouTube to Roll Out ‘Direct’ Link to Citizen Journalism.


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